17 June 2009

3 books from the bookstore that sells used books

Yesterday and today I attended a workshop at the U.S. Pharmacopeia in Rockville, Maryland. During one of the lunch breaks, I took a walk to the nearby Second Story Books. Bookstores that sell old books for profit tend to overprice their wares, often remaining oblivious to the fact that many 19th and early 20th century books are now available for free either on Google Books or the Internet Archive. Luckily, in this store everything was 25% off and I ended up getting 3 books at quite reasonable prices.


Julian Huxley's classic Problems of Relative Growth was originally published in 1932. I had already photocopied some pages from it. Now I have the entire thing, albeit it's a 1972 reprint. That one was $2.25. In Search of Nautilus by Peter Ward (1988) looked interesting and the price, $4.5, was good.

I bought the 3rd book, The Orientation of Animals by Fraenkel & Gunn (1961), for $3, mainly to read the chapter titled Variation in behaviour. I have lately been intrigued by certain variations in the behaviors of snails and slugs and thought that the ideas in this book could provide some relevant background. On the other hand, they are likely to be obsolete. But, still...

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Snail said...

I love a good book bargain!

Anyway, even if the ideas are obsolete, it's useful to be able to put them into context.