15 June 2009

From the laws of the cats

This is my Man. I am not afraid of him.

He is very strong for he eats a great deal; he is an Eater of All Things. What are you eating? Give me some!

He is not beautiful, for he has no fur. Not having enough saliva, he has to wash h1mself with water. He miaows in a harsh voice and a great deal more than he need[s]. Sometimes in his sleep he purrs.

Open the door for me!

I do not know why he has made himself Master; perhaps he has eaten something sublime.

He keeps my rooms clean for me.

In his paws he carries a sharp black claw and he scratches with it on white sheets of paper. That is the only game he plays. He sleeps at night instead of by day, he cannot see in the dark, he has no pleasures. He never thinks of blood, never dreams of hunting or fighting; he never sings songs of love.

Often at night when I can hear mysterious and magic voices, when I can see that the darkness is all alive, he sits at the table with bent head and goes on and on, scratching with his black claw on the white papers. Don't imagine that I am at all interested in you. I am only listening to the soft whispering of your claw. Sometimes the whispering is silent, the poor dull head does not know how to go on playing, and then I am sorry for him and I miaow softly in sweet and sharp discord. Then my Man picks me up and buries his hot face in my fur. At those times he divines for an instant a glimpse of a higher life, and he sighs with happiness and purrs something which can almost be understood.

But don't think that I am at all interested in you. You have warmed me, and now I will go out again and listen to the dark voices.

Karel Čapek, Intimate Things, 1936.


Oriolw said...

very lovely, thanks.
I love you blog Afingsydin

budak said...

that's a Capek I haven't read..... must get it next...

tried 'The Gardener's Year'? Read before summer ends...


Gardener's Year was the 1st Capek book I read, but didn't like it that much. Maybe I should reread it. War with the Newts was good. That one was your recommendation. And ordered Tales from 2 Pockets from Amazon yesterday.

kat said...

Wonderful and I am happy I was sent here! Thanks.

I wonder what mine would say about me- blush blush blush

what I say about my cats