19 June 2009

More white stork pictures from Turkey


My sister, whose stay in Turkey since last September is about to end, sent these stork pictures earlier today. She took them on the way to the city of Aydin (yes, the city named after me).


As I mentioned in this post, the white storks (Ciconia ciconia) get special treatment in Turkey. They are almost never harassed and their nests are left alone even if they reach an enormous size like the one in these pictures. One wishes that all other wild animals received the same respect.

I can't tell what those small birds are, but they seem to be attracted to the storks' nest. (See the follow-up post for more.)


Previous bird pictures from Turkey also sent by my sister are here and here.


Tristram Brelstaff said...

Are the little birds nesting in the underside of the storks' nest?


Yes, fantastic! I examined the pictures more carefully & that's what they-probably sparrows-indeed seem to be doing. I will post additional pictures on Sunday.