14 June 2009

Scenes from the Billy Goat Trail

A friend and I hiked the Billy Goat Trail yesterday. We did the segment known as the "Section A", which goes above and along the Potomac River and offers some great views of the river.


The trail is conveniently marked with short patches of blue paint. Although at several spots it was difficult to see where the next patch was. At times like that, it is good to have more than one pair of eyes looking.


The National Park Service's description of the 1.7-mile trail as "extremely difficult and dangerous" is ridiculously inaccurate. A moderately fit person can hike the entire Section A without any difficulty. The greatest danger along the trail comes from the frequent patches of poison ivy that most hikers probably don't even recognize.

The most strenuous segment may be this steep climb, but even that isn't too difficult.


Here is a purple tadpole that was in one of the several rock pools we passed by. It was checking out a tiny fly that had fallen into the water.


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kat said...

Oh my! that is gorgeous. I never knew one could be that color.