29 June 2009

Snail Poster Museum Official Hiking Laboratory

Or, official hiking shoe museum garden path snail poster. Or, cat fortune house laboratory hiking shoe.

Today’s temperate silliness has been inspired by a webpage by Charles H. Bennett. As Bennett notes, English speakers can create arbitarily long and yet meaningful chains of nouns even when starting from just a handful of appropriate words. Bennett gives an example of 2 noun loops of 5-4 words joined in a figure 8. Here is my example of 3 joined noun loops of 5-2-5 words.


You can start at any word and go in either direction to obtain a meaningful sentence of any number of words. Admittedly, some sentences may be a bit more meaningful than others, but none is grammatically wrong. Note that the word official, both a noun and an adjective, adds more variety to the endless possibilities.

Cat hiking shoe museum poster snail.

Official hiking laboratory house fortune cat hiking shoe museum garden path snail poster museum official hiking laboratory house fortune cat hiking official museum poster snail path garden...

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