21 July 2009

Free-range snail farming in New Zealand

The reader Andrew Broome from New Zealand recently sent a link to a podcast of a Radio New Zealand interview with the owner of Silver Trail snail farm in Hawke's Bay New Zealand where you can get "hand-harvested gourmet snails".

The snail they are raising is the petit gris, or the little gray, which is a vernacular name for Helix aspersa (Cantareus aspersus, Cornu aspersum, etc.).

If you have 10 minutes to spare, listen to the podcast; it's entertaining. And I hope you'll understand their English better than I have. I think I got most of it, though.


Edward Baker said...

Their English isn't bad at all! Must be that you're more used to 'American'.


It's not them, it's me!

AJB said...

Hey! We don't speak funny, it's you foreigners... :)