01 July 2009

Purple poop


This purple stain surrounding what appears to be a deposit of bird ordure was on my deck yesterday.

What had this bird eaten?


My botanical knowledge, especially when it comes to identifying plants from their seeds, is pitifully poor. Any ideas?


Cindy said...

Maybe it's some kind of berry. Why don't you try planting that poop and see if the seeds sprout?


Good idea, but it has rained twice since then & everything has washed away.

Kirk said...

It's been a long time since I lived in the mid-Atlantic states, but mulberry trees were a favorite of birds and that sure looks like the end result.

Anonymous said...

looks like a peanut shell in there. i know birds luv peanuts, so why not?

Nuthatch said...

The small seeds in the foreground look like some sort of serviceberry. The more corregated ones look like they could be elderberries. Both species are likely to be fruiting in your area now, and would result in purple poop.

I spend all fall examining what seeds are in thrush poop to determine what they are eating at my study site. I know my sh*t.

Kirk said...

I'll have to go with elderberry (Sambucus L.) seeds look to be a match,or just to further complicate things, it could be pokeweed, (Phytolacca americana). I think pokeweed is in fruit now.


Thanks to everyone for the names of potential plants. Chokecherries were also suggested by a reader in an e-mail. But, no, those are too small to be peanut shells.

I should have saved the seeds. Maybe there will be another occasion.