10 July 2009

Smile, you are on trike-cam!

I had been meaning to attach my old camera to the front of my Greenspeed Anura to take pictures while riding. This afternoon I finally had a chance to do it. Because the camera's remote receiver is in the front, I had to turn the camera towards the back or at least sideways to be able to operate it with the remote from where I was sitting. Here is the camera attached to the front of the trike.


The exposure was set at auto, which often selected otherwise unacceptably slow shutter speeds, resulting in blurry pictures with double images, especially when I was going fast on bumpy paths. Here is shaky self portrait.


But when I was travelling slow on smooth roads, the results were better.


Here is a picture of the trike with the camera.


I have uploaded more pictures on facebook.


Snail said...

What a hoot! An excellent idea.

Kevin Zelnio said...

Could you use a wired remote? Cable tie the wire to the frame?

The cords are usually pretty short, but it should be easy to make an extension.


Do digital cameras have wired remotes?

Kevin Zelnio said...

There should be a slot for a 1/4 in. jack somewhere, probably where the AC adapter plugin or the USB is.

I think my wife had one for her DSLR. Or you could make one http://martybugs.net/photography/remote.cgi