07 July 2009

That's my speeding car, all right


I got photographed doing 38 mph in a 25 mph zone in DC and had to pay a $50 fine. I had a right to request a hearing and then go to court, but do I really want to waste my time with all of that? And what was I going to tell the judge? The 25 mph limit is too low for that road, your honor. I am sure you realize that this is just a gimmick for the DC Government to take more money from the citizens. So why don't you give me a break?

Would he/she have felt sorry and waived the fine?


Duane Smith said...

Your argument might work if the judge had the same experience recently. But I wouldn't count on it

The story reminds me of the joke about the guy who saw the enforcement camera light flash as he drove down a particular section of road. So certain was he that he was not speeding that he went home and affixed his own camera to his car so it would photograph his speedometer and a section of the road and record the time as he drove. He then returned to that section of road driving past the same enforcement camera at the same speed as before. Again, the enforcement camera light flashed but this time he had his own photographic record of his speed.

Three weeks later, he received two tickets for driving without having his seatbelt fastened.

Cindy said...

50 bucks? That's cheap compared to here(So Cal). A few months ago, my hubby got a speeding ticket just a mile from our home. It was around $350. He opted to attend traffic school in order to erase the bad mark from his record, and that pushed to total cost to over $400.

vanessa cardui said...

Yes the fees have skyrocketed here in CA because certain elected representatives (R)don't want to raise taxes. whatever. On a tangent, I just got a pre-ticket warning from my friendly city code enforcer because my flowers were encroaching on the public right of way. A nice way to celebrate independence day, I thought.

vanessa cardui said...

btw, nice car. I drive an outback and like it pretty well. Yours is a much better color (than my silver).