17 September 2009

What's with the 4-fingered people in comic strips?

Moondog should be saying to Pilsner the Parrot, "Meet me at the card table in four". Monty by Jim Meddick.

Giving their human characters only 4 fingers seems to be a stupid tradition some cartoonists can't get away from. Another comic strip with 4-fingered humans is Foxtrot.

Comics strips with 5-fingered humans include Zits, Zippy and The Fusco Brothers.


AJB said...

In 'The Simpsons' the usual characters have 4 fingers except for the occasional appearance of 'god' who has 5...


I think most, if not all, classic cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, etc., had 4 fingers & wore white gloves for some reason.