21 October 2009

A banquet in the yard for invertebrates

Early this evening, a partially eaten apple in the frontyard was the focal point of the activities of a multitude of invertebrate taxa. When I first arrived at the scene around 19:15, a whole bunch of ants and a slug that looked like a Deroceras reticulatum were on it.


When I went back out an hour later at 20:20, the Deroceras had left and its spot had been taken by a group of isopods of at least 2 species. A couple of slugs are also visible on the left. The brown one is an Arion subfuscus. Soon, the light of my lamp and my breath blowing over them sent most of the isopods scurrying into the darker corners.


Just then, as I was getting ready to get up and leave, a millipede made a brief appearance. But it didn't stop to take a bite; it looked like it was only checking things out.



myrmecos said...

Tapinoma sessile, the Odorous House Ant. In case you needed an ID on the little formicids.