13 October 2009

C&O Canal: then and now

I took this picture of the C&O Canal at Georgetown on 18 September. The Canal had been mostly without water at least since early September when I first started exploring the area (see this post).


Here is a picture I took from roughly the same spot on 9 October.


Where did all that water come from? We certainly haven't had enough rain to fill the Canal. The Park Service must have a way of bringing water from the Potomac River which is below and quite close to the Canal.


John said...

There is a dam and pumping station in the Potomac (a.k.a. "Little Falls") around mile 6 of the canal. It's possible NPS diverted some of that water to refill the canal.

O. B. Sirius said...

Each lock has ways to handle both under and over fill by using dams, feeder dams, flumes and the like to either fill from the river or dump water back to the river. It's an amazing system. Each lock keeper controlled the water level from his lock upstream to the next lock. Apparently someone decided to rewater this segment.