08 October 2009

Mysterious tracks in the C&O Canal - Part 2

In this post from early September, I had pictures of a series of parallel tracks in the mud of the C&O Canal in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. I also suspected that they were turtle tracks.

A couple of weeks ago I was able to get down into the canal and take closer shots of similar tracks on dry mud.


It looks like the hind foot steps very close to the print of the front foot, creating a series of double impressions. Also note the undulating groove in between the parallel foot prints, which, I suspect, was created by the tail.

Here is a close-up of one of the double foot prints. Are those claw marks that are visible in front of the lower print?


The next picture shows 2 sets of converging tracks. In this case only the bottom one had the tail impression.


They are probably turtle tracks, but I am still looking for definite proof.

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AJB said...

The males of many North American turtles have much longer tails and front claws than the females...