12 November 2009

Absence of evidence could be evidence of absence


You don't see an elephant in this picture, do you? I don't see one either. In fact, when I was there I looked around carefully, but did not see any elephants. Besides, this picture was taken in Maryland where no wild elephant has ever been recorded. And when I took this picture, there was no nearby circus or zoo reporting a missing elephant.

Therefore, I conclude that my observations and this photograph prove that there was no elephant at that point at that time.

I just proved a negative.


Kazimir Majorinc said...

It is very likely he was behind your back all the time.

Psi Wavefunction said...

But can you REALLY know that there was no escapee elephant roaming about? What if the evil CIA conspiracy elders conspired to release some secret elephants in a conspiracy to conspire against the innocent general public? Have I mentioned conspiracy? ^_~

But srsly, RE 'proof': this photo and your observations fail to reject the null hypothesis that there are no elephants in Maryland. They don't actually neither the null nor any of the alternate hypotheses ^^

Found your blog through Christopher's Name That Bug a while back, btw; enjoying it! =D