09 November 2009

Flattened fauna of sidewalks - Part 5

Part 4 of this series came out in December of last year, almost a year ago. I follow the better late than never principle and continue along.

The first victim of this installment is a spider of some sort. It was more shriveled up than flattened.


Next, we have a squished mantis on a parking lot. It was definitely a case of hit and park. Despite all that incessant praying, the mantis had a grisly death. As they say, nothing fails like a prayer. Ha, ha, ha!


And here is a first for this series: a flattened mammal, a shrew probably. It comes with an assortment of corpse-licking flies. Enjoy!


To be continued...


Wanderin' Weeta said...

Such pretty flies! I like the bronze one.

Cindy said...

We see the same things with mantids here at this time of year. As sad as this picture is (to me, mantis lover that I am) I think this death is kinder to the mantis than having it grow increasingly old and feeble, enduring cold nights and a dwindling food supply.

And I can't resist the rhyme here:
Dead shrew...EWW!

Julia said...

Wow, what a melancholy series! I look forward to future explorations of this topic... (I like the inclusion of the squished Pasta Sauce in Season 4 of Flattened Fauna--that kept me on my toes.)

Joel VanDerMeulen said...

I'm definately going to have to second the flies. I love their colours.

Psi Wavefunction said...

I must say this is a wonderful idea for a photo series!

Do you ever get strange looks for randomly photographing the sidewalk?