21 November 2009

Fluid trends

In the previous post in this series, the index of satisfaction (IS = optimism / happiness) had stabilized for a change. However, the most recent data clearly demonstrate that the long term trends are fraught with uncertainty.


A sharp drop followed by a gradual recovery was nobody's guess. And once again, we don't know if it's optimism that's going thru a turbulent period or happiness is fluctuating depending on the amount of wine intake.

I will continue to monitor this crucial index and provide updates.


Psi Wavefunction said...

My father (an engineer) likes to make stock market 'predictions' based on the shape of the froth left on the coffee cup. Once, his prediction came [sort of] true, and he had an epic monologue about how awesome his prediction system was (using economist slang). Then he pointed out how the 'technical analysis' people were so wrong -- so I look over at one of those 'technical analysis' graphs, and there's lines FUCKING EVERYWHERE.

"Oh, WTF are those?!" "You know, just like I use coffee cups, these guys drew lines all over yesterday's stock market graph. Technical analysis is modern-day fortune telling. This is their crystal ball."

My respect for economists fell even lower. Glad to know that someone else makes a hobby of finding 'trends' in random places. You -could- use that for some extra profit on the side =P

xoggoth said...

Agree with last, they haven't a clue.

How many times have I brought investments after reading the wisdom of columnists in The Times Financial pages etc. only to lose money when the whole sector went flat for years?

The only bloke I saw who predicted the scale and timing of the credit crunch was a blogger, an IT contractor.