04 November 2009

I don't want to know what muktuk tastes like

In this post back in April 2008 I asked myself the question of how a person who eats only meat can avoid getting scurvy, vitamin C deficiency.

Not too long ago, a New Scientist reader asked a similar question: how do traditional Inuit avoid scurvy? An answer has been given in this week's issue of the magazine. The Inuit apparently avoid succumbing to scurvy by eating something called muktuk. Muktuk consists of whale skin and blubber and is high in vitamin C. Eating enough of it would satisfy their vitamin C requirement.

The answer to my own question was that the yak hunter Aldat, the subject of my post, could have avoided scurvy by eating tongues and liver of yak.

As for me, I think I will go get a glass of orange juice.

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