26 November 2009

Not exactly geocaching

While rummaging in the woods for snails and slugs earlier today, I came upon a well hidden geocache box. What are the chances of finding one of these when you are not actually looking for one?


I opened it hoping to plunder the contents, but there were only a log book and assorted junk, including a golf ball and a small plastic doll. I am not sure what the rules of this game are. Are you supposed leave something in the box? I didn't leave anything or take anything; the 2 snail shells I had found earlier were too good to part with.

I did enter the URL for this blog in the log book, though.


geonarcissa said...

The odds of finding one by accident are high enough that we try to encourage the practice of clear identification on the outside and an information sheet on the inside. You don't have to leave anything, but you should sign the log!

Erika Jean said...

awesome. you should start geocaching now ;-)


Oh, no, not another thing to do!

Coyote said...

Mr Coyote and I found one by accident just off the trail in Monte Bello Open Space Preserve (http://www.openspace.org/preserves/pr_monte_bello.asp) about 3 years ago. We signed the book and left a penny, not having gone there prepared to leave a geocache offering.