10 November 2009

OVUM Meeting will be this Saturday

The 3rd annual meeting of OVUM, the Ohio (River) Valley Unified Malacologists, will be held on Saturday 14 November 2009 at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 4400 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA.

From the e-mail announcement:

This one-day meeting will run from (9:30) 10 am until the last presentation (to end by 5 pm at the latest). Light refreshments such as fruit, bagels, coffee, tea, and water will be available from 9:30-10:00 am. The meeting will be held in Multipurpose Classroom B. Participants should sign in at the Security Office at the Portal Entrance (off the Parking Lot), then follow signs a short distance to the meeting room.

The meeting is open to professionals, amateurs, and students; basically anyone who has an interest in mollusks. OVUM has no dues, officers, abstracts, or publications. Even busy people can spend a day networking and talking about mollusks.

Please limit presentations to 15 minutes.
For more information contact Tim Pearce (PearceT AT CarnegieMNH.org).

I am planning to go, barring last minute changes to my plans.


Joel VanDerMeulen said...

If you do end up going. What is your presentation going to be on, if you make one at all that is.


The Cepaea nemoralis survey we did last summer.

Joel VanDerMeulen said...

Interesting. I'm slightly jealous of you. The only snails that I'm aware of in my area are pond snails of different species that I wouldn't be able to identify. Perhaps I'll take some photos when the snow melts so you'd be able to see.

Does this mean you'll be releasing the secret location of the banded snails?


Yes, those at the meeting will learn the secret. We are ready to submit a manuscript, so I figured I can reveal the location.