16 November 2009

A true confession: I was Otto Mann

The magazine American Rationalist praises itself for being an "Alternative to Superstition and Nonsense" for over 50 years. I subscribed to it for several years in the 1990s. Then I got tired of it, although I don't quite remember why, and ended my subscription.

However, I did publish one article in the AR. It came out in the November-December 1993 issue. It was titled Life, Death and Mind Transfer and was about, well, life, death and mind transfer.

Recently, I read again what I had written and quite liked it. Although, I admit, there isn't much in it that was original—at least it seems that way to me now, almost 17 years later. Mind transfer has been a favorite subject of many a science fiction story.

Nevertheless, I decided to scan it and upload it to my library for all to read. Here it is.

The funny thing about this article is that I published it under the pseudonym Otto Mann, although, again, I don't quite remember why. If anyone doubts that I was Otto Mann, I do have a short note to that effect from the late Gordon Stein, the then editor of AR. I also cite one of my own papers for whatever it may be worth.

A few years later I published another article somewhere else as Otto Mann. I will put that up some other time.

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