02 December 2009

An alien with multiple legs and big claws


We saw this sign on a tree above the Monocacy River near Frederick, Maryland last Saturday. It is probably referring to the rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus), a non-native, invasive crayfish species.


Cindy said...

Why can't you catch them if they're invasive? They're not even supposed to be there, so why not take some out?


I suppose it goes back to the old dilemma. If you see a guy with a bucket full of alien crayfish by the river, did he catch them or was he going to dump them? By making both activities illegal you avoid that question. For the same reason, it is usually illegal even to take, for example, the empty shells of protected snail species.

xoggoth said...

It appears it is at least American so maybe it would have spread without help eventually.

Meanwhile, a US crayfish is munching its way though British wildlife:


Snail said...

I'd also like to see signs prohibiting gratuitous exclamation marks on official notices.

But back to the crayfish ... there's also a problem with crays in southern Western Australia with relocated smooth marron displacing and/or hybridising with the endemic Margaret River hairy marron.

Marron ... up to 2 kg of crayfish ... mmmmm ....