23 December 2009

A bracing viewpoint on molluscan evolution. From 1895

The ultimate derivation of the whole of the land and fresh-water molluscan fauna must, as has already been remarked, be looked for in the sea. In certain cases the process of conversion, if it may be so termed, from a marine to a non-marine genus, is still in progress, and can be definitely observed; in others the conversion is complete, but the modification of form has been so slight, or the date of its occurrence so recent, that the connexion is unmistakable, or at least highly probable; in others again, the modification has been so great, or the date of its occurrence so remote, that the actual line of derivation is obscured or at best only conjectural.
Reverend Alfred Hands Cooke. 1895. Molluscs in The Cambridge Natural History, Volume 3.

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Joel VanDerMeulen said...

There was a show I used to watch all the time called "The Future Is Wild" where a bunch of people looked at how Earth may look at different time periods in the future after humanity had died out.

In the "200 million years in the future" episodes it touches on how cephalopods would be the dominant species on the planet. I tried finding a video on youtube, but caame up with only a grainy tv recording.

Here is the website page for the "Megasquid":