11 December 2009

A frozen birdbath

Every year sometime in November I empty out the birdbath and then turn it upside down until April. That eliminates the risk that it will crack when the water in it freezes during the winter.

This November I forgot to do that and last night the water in the birdbath froze.


This afternoon I brought the birdbath in and put it in a bathtub for about an hour. After the ice started to melt and separated from the sides of the dish, I was able to dump the block of ice and all the leaves stuck in it outside. Luckily, the birdbath doesn't seem to have suffered any damage.



Joel VanDerMeulen said...

It looks very serene, almost like a portrait.

Was it a solid frozen block?


It was a block of ice in the shape of the dish of the birdbath. This afternoon it still hadn't melted even though the temp. during the day was above freezing.

Joel VanDerMeulen said...

Oh cool. Too bad it wasn't hollow with water still on the insed though. It would have been interesting to see if anything was swimming in the water under the ice.

Also, it would be interesting to thaw it out and see if anything hatches/rejuvinates out of the ice.


Joel: I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but I couldn't see the word verification box. Something seems to be wrong. Maybe because it's so cold up there. :)

Joel VanDerMeulen said...

Ugh. Don't remind me :P

I just tested it out, truthfully I'm not even sure if my blog has a verification box...

On another note, what kind of camera do you use Aydin?


Try changing the template.

I use an Olympus E-500.