01 December 2009

Let’s go loot the Royal Society!

We did it before. Now we have a chance to do it again for 3 months! The Royal Society has announced that on the occasion of its 350th anniversary:

The Royal Society Digital Journal Archive, which dates back to 1665, will be FREE to access from 30 November 2009 until 28 February 2010. The Archive contains every article ever published in the Royal Society's journals.
My favorite of them all is Philosophical Transactions, especially for the period from 1665 to about 1780. Those were the formative years of modern science. That was a time when most scientific knowledge was extremely limited and shallow; most scientific experiments and observations were crude and simplistic; most hypotheses the scientists were attempting to test were ridiculous by our standards.

That was when if you had a thermometer—not everyone did—you could measure the temperature in and outside your house and then get the results published in the world's premier scientific journal.

From Philosophical Transactions January 1, 1746, 44:613-616.

But, hey, science had to go thru that infancy period. It was a prerequisite to the present. If they hadn't reported the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, we would be doing that now.


Enough said. I am taking my sack and flash drive and heading over to the Royal Society.

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