17 January 2010

Urinal entomology


Last Friday, there were 2 of these dead bugs in one of the urinals in the men's room at Fletcher's Cove along the C&O Canal. After I finished my business, I flushed, but the bugs remained. So I took out my camera and photographed them.

They appear to be some sort of stink bug (Pentatomidae).


Luckily, no one came in while I was stooping over the urinal with the camera against my face pointing inside. It would have been difficult to explain my motives.


Ceuthophilus said...

your family ID is correct, it is probably Euschistus sp., or at least in the Carpocorini.


Julia said...

Aydin, we've got a bit of blog synchronicity today! (Although I was just posting about something that I thought was a stink bug and ended up not being.)

I think you're right that being caught as the urinal photographer might have been awkward... but memorable.