12 January 2010

A woodpecker on a cold winter day

While walking down Reservoir Road in Georgetown, DC yesterday, I noticed a couple of birds flying above me. Even to my non-birdwatcher eyes they looked unmistakably like woodpeckers, although I had certainly not expected to see woodpeckers in a residential neighborhood, especially on a day when the temperature was barely above freezing.

One of them flew across the street and disappeared, but the 2nd one alighted itself on the tree right next to me. And not only that but it also stayed there while I went into my bag, got my camera out, removed the lens cap, turned it on, guessed and then adjusted the exposure (yes, I almost always do the exposure manually) and took 3 pictures of it.


John, who writes A DC Birding Blog, and to whom I appeal routinely whenever I can't identify a bird, recognized this one from the pictures as a yellow-bellied sapsucker. This area appears to be near the northern border of its winter range.


John said...

It's not obvious from the small map on the CLO website, but their range does extend well into New England. They concentrate more towards the coastal plain.


Yes, the map is too small to make out the limits.