09 February 2010

The impression left by a pair of wings in the snow

While snowshoeing in the deep snow covering the soccer field near my house late yesterday afternoon, I saw these long, looping tracks ahead of me.


They were unconnected to any other nearby tracks. It was as if they had been left by a being that had descended from the sky and then ascended back into it. What could it have been?

A clue was present at one end of the tracks.


A winged descendant of dinosaurs!


Julia said...

Oh, what a beautiful image! That bird is the Yves Klein of the avian world.


Unfortunately, because I took it with my iPhone camera, it is not as good an image as it would have been if I had used my "real" camera.

myrmecos said...

That's a fantastic image, that last one. You'd almost want to make a caste of it and hang it on the wall.