03 February 2010

Invertebrate Rearing: a journal for rearing invertebrates

My facebook friend and fellow invertebrate enthusiast Ed Baker has recently started publishing his own open access, peer-reviewed journal, Invertebrate Rearing. Invertebrate Rearing publishes articles about the rearing and breeding in captivity of marine, freshwater and terrestrial invertebrates.

The 1st issue has 3 articles: the 1st one is about Australian jumping spiders; the 2nd one is about a British stag beetle and the 3rd one is about a parthenogenetic strain of crayfishes called marmorkrebs.

If you have raised invertebrates and collected enough data about their captive maintenance, consider submitting a manuscript to Invertebrate Rearing. Instructions for authors are available here. I may submit a manuscript in the future.

Ed also writes the blog Invertebrate Diaries.

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