01 February 2010

Sutures' futures

While cleaning the deer bones the other night, I noticed the intricate patterns of sutures on top of the skull. Here is the point, the bregma, where the 2 sutures join each other:


I believe in this picture the coronal suture is the vertical one and the sagittal suture is the horizontal one. My first thought upon seeing these sutures was that anything with their labyrinthine complexity can't possibly be reproducible and so their patterns must be specific to each individual deer, like the finger print patterns of humans.

Here is the sutures around the bregma of deer skull #2:


Deer skull #3:


Deer skull #4:


The patterns do change from skull to skull, at least in these 4 examples.

As soon as I figure out a technique of divination based on the reading of the deer skull suture, I will reveal it here for all in the future.


Julia said...

Gosh, that first image in particular is really elegant and beautiful.

Duane Smith said...

The problem you face is why the ancients tended to read livers.

bev said...

Agree with Julia - the patterns are really quite beautiful.

fred schueler said...

It just shows what evolution will do for those who smack their heads together as a mating ritual!

נונה אורבך said...

As an artist I love the pattern!