11 April 2010

The beech that won't die

This mighty American beech (Fagus grandifolia) came crashing down sometime in late December 2008 or early January 2009 in the park near my house (see this post). I had originally assumed it was dead wood for good, but in July of 2009 when I saw its green leaves I realized that it was still alive (see this post).

Now more than a year after it became horizontal, the beech is still refusing to let go. I took these pictures today as I stood on it while admiring its new leaves.

But trees are supposed to grow vertically. I wonder how long our tree can carry on with its deviant existence.

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Coyote said...

I've seen trees knocked over by earthquakes and landslides but their roots held, and some of their branches turned upward to become new trunks.