06 April 2010

It was a cold and foggy morning

Foggy view from the hotel window. October, 2008, Kastamonu, Turkey.

One of the cities we visited during our trip to Turkey back in October 2008 was Kastamonu. We stayed at a hotel of some sort on a hill at the outskirts of the city. When I got up on our 1st morning, the sun hadn't risen yet and a dense fog was shrouding the hill. My travel companions were still in deep sleep. I grabbed my field bag and quickly left for the hillside in search of snails.

It was cold outside and the fog had covered everything with tiny drops of water. Despite what was for me an uncomfortably low temperature, I was amazed when I saw that there were snails everywhere. I spent about an hour taking pictures and notes. For the following 2 mornings I repeated my field work. This was followed by some simple experiments with captive snails.

Zebrina detrita crawling on dew covered grass. Photographed near Kastamonu, Turkey.

The results of those studies was a neat little paper titled "Activities of four species of land snails at low temperatures" that recently got published in the Journal of Conchology. You may download a pdf version of it from here.

Incidentally, this was the manuscript that I had to revise to bring the number of words from 1287 down to 1045 to satisfy the editor. That story was here. While preparing this manuscript I also had to learn some basic meteorology. Some of that was discussed in this post.


Deniz Bevan said...

But where's the photo of the shoes on the windowsill? :-)


But you took that photo. I don't know if I have a copy of it.

Deniz Bevan said...

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