02 April 2010

The pumpkin that refuses to go away

This pumpkin was picked last October. For about 2 months it sat seemingly intact on our front porch, enduring the fall rains. Sometime in December, I think, I got tired of seeing it there and brought it to the backyard. There it began to shrivel slowly. Then it was under the snow for quite sometime.

Now the cold weather is gone, but the pumpkin is still there, although it takes a little bit of imagination to recognize that it is a pumpkin.

How long will it resist the onslaught of the spring?

Note added 8 April: this post has an update.


Julia said...

Golly, that is... beautiful.

Cindy said...

Maybe the seeds inside will sprout and you'll get a whole 'nother pumpkin patch.

beste said...

In Montreal squirrels would have finished it off!

Coyote said...

Squirrels, snails and slugs finished off the remains of our pumpkin -- eventually.