18 April 2010

What are the chances that you will be walking by a garden and there will be a giant clam there?

I chanced upon these valves of a Tridacna gigas in the garden of a local hospice I was visiting today. My initial thought was that they were perhaps concrete imitations. But a closer look revealed all the defects, the buildup and the growth rings one would expect on a real clam shell.

How often does one just find giant clam valves tucked away in the corner of a garden somewhere far away from the ocean unless one is dreaming? And I wasn't dreaming. But life is full of surprises.


JK said...

Hi Aydin Orstan,

It's quite common to see real giant clams as part of the garden's landscaping features here in the Southeast Asian tropics. After all, this is where most giant clams come from! :) Of course, it does worry me that many were harvested from the wild to feed such a trade. Fortunately, I believe the days for this trade is counted as most displayed shells that I've chanced upon are very weathered, moss covered and old looking just like yours in the photos. It seems there's no longer any demand to fill gardens with new shells!:)

Kevin Zelnio said...

I hope these weren't collected in marine reserves or where listed as threatened!

Probably collected on a summer vacation to Palau while diving in the good ole days before IUCN.

DPC said...

Hah! Imagine my surprise about a month ago, when upon entering a local Catholic church I saw two Tridacna shells being used as 'baroque-style' holy water containers!