03 May 2010

Anguispira fergusoni on a tree

Anguispira fergusoni is a native eastern North American land snail. On warm and humid days, especially at night, they climb trees probably in search of fungal food. During my 12+ years of wanderings in the park near my house, I've seen them crawling on trees many times, but I had never seen one dormant on a tree until yesterday.

This one, ~12 mm in shell diameter, was on a beech ~65 cm above the ground. The shell was attached to the tree weakly with some dried mucus along the rim of the aperture. After I picked up the shell and looked inside, I saw the snail's foot immediately within the aperture.

There is often something new to be witnessed out there.


DPC said...

Nice snail, the resemblance to Discus is striking.


Same family.

Fred Schueler said...

"Dormant on a tree" isn't a very Anguispira kind of thing to do -- they tend to go home and sleep it off under cover.

Bonnie said...

Perhaps, he was having a lazy day?...or maybe he was just waiting for a photo-op :D Great photo! I cannot wait until I get a working camera(that can focus on even small arachnids & various creatures) & start taking photos of all the lil critters I find crawling about.