30 May 2010

Another Anguispira fergusoni on a tree

Anguispira fergusoni is a native eastern North American land snail. They routinely climb trees, especially on warm and humid nights, probably in search of fungal food. Earlier this month, I wrote about one of them that unusually had gotten dormant on a tree.

Late Friday afternoon while searching for slugs, I saw this juvenile Anguispira fergusoni crawling on the trunk of a tree.

The shell diameter of this one was 5.5 mm. It has quite a bit of growing to do, for adults reach about 15 mm.


Fred Schueler said...

How does fergusoni differ from alternata?

Kathryn Perez said...

HI Aydin - I was out collecting the other day and found so many Anguispira alternata crawling on trees. We also found Hendersonia occulta and Mesodon thyroidus crawling on trees, no higher than about 1 m but in decent numbers up on tree trunks. In the past I have also found Euglandina rosea high up in trees, attached to the undersides of leaves 10-15 feet off the ground. Just adding to your "snails in trees" list.