28 May 2010

Another well hidden Limax maximus

I found this Limax maximus under the loose bark of a tree late this afternoon. It was about 160 cm above the ground. Now I know that this species may take refuge not just on and in the ground, but also at elevated spots. Maybe that shouldn't be too surprising, for their preferred mating locations are almost always above the ground.

This was a quite large specimen worthy of its specific name.

It stretched to about 11 cm long. Imagine how much slime it left on my fingers.

The previous well hidden Limax maximus was here.


Cindy said...

Wow! That's a handsome slug! Do you carry handi-wipes when you walk in case you get slimed along the way?


No, I use my pants!

Fred Schueler said...

so often we can find our favourite beasts during our diurnal activity period only by destroying their habitat.