23 May 2010

Cochlicopa on the garage door—Part 2

There were 3 dormant Cochlicopa lubrica on my garage door on Friday afternoon and evening. As expected, Saturday's rain activated them. Last night around 10:30 I counted at least 25 of them crawling on the garage door in the light rain. I have no idea where the rest had come from. The one in the photograph below appears to have been eating something. That's one way to keep the garage door clean.

They were still crawling around this morning when it was still raining. The rain has since stopped. Tonight at 9 o'clock I casually counted 25 of them on the garage door. Most appeared dormant.


Kirk said...

Just ran across this, you may find it entertaining.


A snail dreams abou speeding,


Thanks for the link. Did you notice that the snail's shell, which is sinistral, becomes dextral during the dream sequence? I wonder if that was intentional.