31 May 2010

First tick of 2010

I was getting ready to go in the shower last night when I noticed a small black spot on my skin under my left breast. It was a tick, the 1st one I have so far noticed on my body. Here it is in situ while still partaking of my blood.

It survived the removal process and after I placed it on a piece of cardboard, started shambling the way ticks normally do while I measured and photographed it. It was 2 mm long. I believe it is the usual deer tick (Ixodes scapularis).

I have since developed a red, itchy welt on my skin where the tick was. Hopefully, it's a transient reaction that will have no lingering effects.

Last year's tick story was here.


vanessa cardui said...

This comment seems hardly worth making but here goes:


Anonymous said...

A beautiful portrait nonetheless! I will emend your title from "Glamor Photographer to the Microgastropods" to "Glamor Photographer of Terrestrial Microinvertebrates!"


Susan J. Hewitt

Snail said...

It certainly is a beautiful portrait. It gets my tick of approval.

DPC said...

I've found the local tick (Ixodes ricinus) on hedgehogs and stray dogs, but funnily enough never on stray cats. I've also never had the privilege of being bitten myself. Perhaps I'm too much of a cat person? (sneer)


I have removed them from my cat too! Here is that story.

DPC said...

Ouch! It would be interesting to test if these ticks have any actual specific preferences, but that would hardly be ethical!