06 June 2010

Bunny Rabbit Lawn Care, Inc.

After the brief but intense thunderstorm came and left early this afternoon, this little rabbit appeared on our front yard. I grabbed my camera, slowly opened the front door, stepped partially out and started photographing it as it was munching away.

Initially I assumed the rabbit would prefer the miscellaneous weeds, including clover and dandelion, that outnumber the regular grass throughout the lawn.

But a closer examinations of the photos later showed that it was actually eating grass stalks. You can see one sticking out of its mouth in the next photo.

As long as it is eating whatever is growing in the lawn and keeping everything short, I am not complaining.


bev said...

I'll bet that bunny appreciates a lawn that hasn't been mown and sprayed to death. My mom's yard is the only one in her neighborhood that has several bunnies regularly feeding in the garden. They too prefer grasses.
When we had our farm, one of our neighbors raised a lot of rabbits. In winter, they grew big trays of rye grass to give their animals something fresh for a change from the rabbit food.

xoggoth said...

They seem to thrive in places like office estates where the grass is regularly mowed. Maybe it makes for younger and tastier shoots. Or it could be they are just harder to spot in unkempt meadows.


They are just harder to spot in unkempt meadows.