25 June 2010

Lindholmiola lens after the rain

It is unusual to encounter active snails during the summer months in western Turkey. The normally hot and dry Mediterranean summer rules out all land snail activities that involve the protruding of a snail's body outside its shell. But last Wednesday, a violent thunderstorm and a subsequent day long rain drenched the soil enough to activate at least some of the snails temporarily. In fact, I found this Lindholmiola lens and another one crawling under a rock on damp soil the next day.


This is a common and often abundant land snail species in western Turkey. It also seems to be more opportunistic than others when it comes to taking advantage of sudden and unexpected weather events.

1 comment:

Mark said...

That is a spectacular anima. What a shell!
Spare a thought for us snail nerds in the central australian desert- those sporadic and brief summer storms are the only chance we get to see our local species!