17 June 2010

On the way to Stanboul

Later today I will be leaving for an almost 3-week long trip to Turkey. My activities will be centered around Istanbul in the north and Izmir on the west coast. Several specific malacological excursions are on the agenda. My last trip to Turkey in October 2008 subsequently resulted in 4 published papers. Hopefully, this one will too end up being a productive trip.

I have intermittent blog posts scheduled for the next 3 weeks. I also hope to do blogging from Turkey.

Be good and don’t forget to clean the cat’s litter box everyday while I’m gone.


Duane Smith said...

Have a great trip. Our cat thanks you for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

My cat also says: thanks for reminding my humans! Hope you find some really interesting things on your trip. I am currently working on 2 papers resulting from my Nevis trip this April/May.

More power to you,

Susan J. Hewitt

Anonymous said...


I will make the assumption that you will not be at the AMS meeting in San Diego. I wish you a productive trip to Turkey and hope to see you at the next MAM meeting.

regards. Charlie