13 June 2010

Second tick of the year refuses to let go

I pulled, the little sucker hung on. Look how it was lifting my skin up. It must have really liked my blood. Eventually I prevailed and got it out. And in the process I squished the life out of it. But here it is gorging itself with its mouth buried deep inside my skin moments before death came from above in the form of a pair of blue tweezers.

It was yet another deer tick (Ixodes scapularis). Here was the 1st tick of the year.


BG said...

I thought you were not supposed to use tweezers to remove a tick? Doesn't it increase the chance of breaking off the head and/or causing the guck inside the tick to go into your body?

We have a tiny little V notched thing that you are supposed to get on the tick, slide it down to the tip of the V notch and then it sort of levers it out. Kind of like a tiny version of the claw side of a claw hammer used for removing nails.

Our dog gets ticks once in awhile and I'd love to know the best way to remove them. Tweezers would be easier I think than this little V notch thing, but I have been afraid to use tweezers.


How to remove a tick