31 July 2010

Butterflies photographed with an iPhone camera during this morning's walk in the woods and identified to the best of the author's knowledge

The easiest to identify was this tiger swallowtail (Papilio glaucus).

This one with tattered wings was probably an eastern black swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes).

The last one appears to be a great spangled fritillary (Speyeria cybele). I had never photographed this species before; I wish I had had a better camera with me. Glassberg (Butterflies through binoculars, 1999) gives the habitat of great spangled fritillary as "open fields and meadows, roadsides, etc." This individual was alongside a creek in the woods.


fred schueler said...

...and there are a number of species of big Fritillaries.

forestwalk/laura k said...

where i live (north central FL) ...i have gulf fritillaries in the yard all the time...on the lantana...have taken some really good pictures of them! the other butterflies never seem to land long enough for me to get a good pic. >>the one with the tattered wings sure looks like he's been through a storm! had a rough night? and the beautiful flower that the swallowtail is on?? very nice! thanks!