22 July 2010

Pictures from high above 13: Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge

After an almost 2-year break, I continue with this series. This picture was taken early this month while approaching the National Airport in Washington, D.C. near the end of our flight from JFK. It shows the highway 495, the exist 1 and the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge across the Potomac River.

From this point the airport is about 3 miles to the north, which is towards the right in the picture. About 1.5 miles northwest of here is the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.

Here is the picture of the area, oriented in the same way, from Google Earth, which was taken during a construction period.

The picture from high above 12 was Salaberry Island in St. Lawrence River near Montreal, Canada.


Cindy said...

I like the curving lines of the interchange. Reminds me of my garden hose.

Also, that great big highway sure looks deserted. What time of day was this taken?


The picture was taken around 9:30 am. When it's fully enlarged, cars are visible on the highway.

forestwalk/laura k said...

very cool pictures!! what a bird's eye view! i love how everything looks from above...i must've been a bird in a... :)