17 August 2010

Basteria gets a face lift

My favorite malacological journal is Basteria published by the Netherlands Malacological Society. The latest issue, which arrived a few days ago, was a total surprise: Basteria now has a wider format and is definitely more colorful.

Although illustrations in color have been appearing in the journal for some time now, the color of the covers had boringly been nothing but blue for several decades. The present issue with its multicolored cover and papers featuring color pictures is certainly an improvement over its former self.

Basteria has been in print since 1936. I wish the journal a long life. Membership information for the NMS, which includes subsriptions to Basteria and 2 other journals the society publishes, depending on how much one is willing to pay, is available here.

Incidentally, I have a manuscript in press in Basteria. Hopefully, it will come out in the next issue.

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