30 August 2010

Hey birds, the feeder is open for business!

We used to have an old, decommissioned bird feeder in the garage. Last week we refurbished it, filled it with cheap bird food and then hanged it from a metal pole in the front yard. Ever since then I have been waiting for the birds to start coming.

The feeder is only a few meters away from the kitchen window and is, therefore, easy to observe while cooking or sitting at the kitchen table. I saw the first bird on it, which may have been a cardinal, 2 days later, but it flew away before I got my camera. Then we watched a squirrel cross the street headed straight for the feeder. It climbed on top of it, checked it out, but left without attempting to pilfer anything. I am sure it will be be back.

A day later, a finch showed up, which I was able to photograph. Is it a female purple finch or house finch?

Today there were more of them partaking of the seeds. Finally, the word has gotten around that free food is available at a new place. Expect more photos in the future.


forestwalk/laura k said...

squirrels always think they're 'in charge' of all the feeders, don't they!!

such fun little creatures!

Julie Craves said...

I think this is actually a Song Sparrow, a young bird molting into adult plumage.