26 August 2010

More colorful mushrooms

Fungi continue to be conspicuously abundant, while the gastropods remain scarce and hidden. The previous set of recent mushrooms pictures were here. Here is another colorful crop I photographed in Cunningham Falls State Park near Frederick, Maryland last Monday.

We start off with a cluster of orange ones that were on a snag.

This relatively small yellow mushroom was coming out of a clump of moss.

Here is a red one.

This big mama was one of the largest ones I saw. Let my hand be the scale.

Finally, a deviation from the familiar morphology. This one looked more like a sponge or a coral formation one would expect to see under the sea than a fungus in the woods.

If this trend continues, there may be more mushroom pictures in the near future.


forestwalk/laura k said...

very cool mushroom pictures!!!!

Kathie said...

Harder ones, today, hm. The orange ones are jack-o'lantern mushrooms (Omphalotus illudens)--my most common poisoning call here in central New York state because people mistake them for chanterelles. Below that, a string of boletes. At the very bottom, I think this is Tremellodendron, which looks like a coral mushroom but is a jelly fungus. See how quickly I skipped over those boletes? I would need more info to figure out what they are--pore surface, maybe a spore print, a better view of the stalks... there are a lot of boletes.

Deniz Bevan said...

The ones we saw in Kastamonu were bigger, no?