02 August 2010

Stuffed pumpkin flowers

The sole offspring of the pumpkin that refused to go away has been putting out flower after flower. However, none of the flowers has so far turned into a pumpkin.

Rather then wait for a pumpkin that may never ripen by the time the cold weather comes in the fall, my girlfriend decided to turn the flowers into a little known southwestern Turkish dish made by stuffing them with a rice mixture.

We picked about a dozen flowers.

First, they got stuffed with a pre-cooked mixture of rice, onion, dill, parsley, pine nuts, currants, salt, sugar and olive oil. Then the stuffed flowers were cooked again. Here is the final product.

What did stuffed pumpkin flowers taste like? They tasted like the rice mixture inside, for the pumpkin flowers don't have any noticeable flavor of their own. Nevertheless, it was a fun gastronomical experiment.


Funder said...

Sounds like a really ephemeral version of dolmades. Looks delish!

fred schueler said...

I suppose you could collect a really large basketful of the [stamenate] flowers, and cook them up to get some idea of the flavour. If you want to wrap a rice mixture in something that has real flavour, use Grape leaves - but I suppose I don't need to tell you that.


We also had a couple of red peppers stuffed with the same rice mixture, but I cropped them out of the photo.

forestwalk/laura k said...

that really looks pretty tasty!! and at the mention of the stuffed red peppers...YUM!! now i must go put a little something in my stomach, i didn't realize i was hungry til i saw your pic and read this... :)

Anonymous said...

Back when I lived in New Haven Conn., a nice Italian grocer told me to try them as fritters: flatten the flowers open, dip them in a little beaten egg and then in flour with a little powered parmesan cheese added, and then quickly sauteed in a little bit of olive oil. It worked great and you could still taste the flower flavor.


Susan J. Hewitt