31 August 2010

Where are the readers of this blog?

I just noticed that Blogger is now providing reader statistics. You can access them from the dashboard page. This is apparently a new feature, for the data covers only the period from May 2010 thru August 2010.

Here is a chart showing the geopolitical distributions of the readers of this blog between May and the end of August.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the readers, almost 68%, come from the U.S., followed by a distant U.K. providing only about 10% of the readers. A surprising entry, however, is India in the 5th place. 3.8% of our readers are located there. What makes this blog so popular in the landmass that rudely jammed into Asia 35 million years ago?


xoggoth said...

I can't believe you don't have any fans in France. Maybe you don't provide enough recipes.


Probably because I am always critical of them for not using English in their scientific publications.

Jannavi said...

India is never placed up there in any ranking. So it is nice to see India, 5th in this ;) And it goes to show people want to be informed, and what better blog site to visit on a regular basis, eh?

Kazimir Majorinc said...

All blogs about international topics have most visitors from USA. Strange.