11 September 2010

A rainbow seemingly within reach

I spotted this almost ground level rainbow in the park near my house a few days ago. There was a fire truck nearby that was squirting a tall column of water into the air (for what purpose, I don't know). The water was falling into the lake in the form of a fine mist visible as a white cloud in the picture. The rainbow had formed in the mist right above the lake below the grassy slope.

As I was getting my companion positioned in the scene to get a photo of her with the rainbow, the firefighters shut off the water and the rainbow was no more.


Duane said...

It must have been easy to find the pot of gold.

forestwalk/laura k said...

i was just going to say what Duane said! ha!

anyway, at least you got THIS shot off before the water was no more...:]

xoggoth said...

Natural rainbows can come to earth close by too. Took a photo of one last year ending in the wood just behind our house.

Cath said...

Beautiful rainbow